Screen commands

Ctrl+a c	Create new window
Ctrl+a k	Kill the current window / session
Ctrl+a w	List all windows
Ctrl+a 0-9	Go to a window numbered 0 9, use Ctrl+a w to see number
Ctrl+a Ctrl+a	Toggle / switch between the current and previous window
Ctrl+a S	Split terminal horizontally into regions and press Ctrl+a c to create new window there
Ctrl+a :resize	Resize region
Ctrl+a :fit	Fit screen size to new terminal size. You can also hit Ctrl+a F for the the same task
Ctrl+a :remove	Remove / delete region. You can also hit Ctrl+a X for the same taks
Ctrl+a tab	Move to next region
Ctrl+a D (Shift-d)	Power detach and logout
Ctrl+a d	Detach but keep shell window open
Ctrl-a Ctrl-\	Quit screen
Ctrl-a ?	Display help screen i.e. display a list of commands
10 января 2016, 23:39