Fix postgres sequence after insert

Run the output of this sql command
       quote_literal(quote_ident(sequence_namespace.nspname) || '.' || quote_ident(class_sequence.relname)) ||
       ', COALESCE(MAX(' ||quote_ident(pg_attribute.attname)|| '), 1) ) FROM ' ||
       quote_ident(table_namespace.nspname)|| '.'||quote_ident(class_table.relname)|| ';'
FROM pg_depend 
    INNER JOIN pg_class AS class_sequence
        ON class_sequence.oid = pg_depend.objid 
            AND class_sequence.relkind = 'S'
    INNER JOIN pg_class AS class_table
        ON class_table.oid = pg_depend.refobjid
    INNER JOIN pg_attribute 
        ON pg_attribute.attrelid = class_table.oid
            AND pg_depend.refobjsubid = pg_attribute.attnum
    INNER JOIN pg_namespace as table_namespace
        ON table_namespace.oid = class_table.relnamespace
    INNER JOIN pg_namespace AS sequence_namespace
        ON sequence_namespace.oid = class_sequence.relnamespace
ORDER BY sequence_namespace.nspname, class_sequence.relname;
Alternatives List of all sequence
SELECT c.relname FROM pg_class c WHERE c.relkind = 'S' order BY c.relname;
Fix sequence (if it's named id)
concat('SELECT SETVAL(''public.', c.relname,''', COALESCE(MAX(id), 1) ) FROM public.', replace(c.relname, '_id_seq', ''), ';') FROM pg_class c WHERE c.relkind = 'S' order BY c.relname;